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January 2009 -

Owner and managing director of EL Medical Consulting, a drug development consulting business for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology industry and investors.

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Serve as medical expert for major international pharmaceutical firm and several biotech companies, and provide expertise on ad-hoc basis to additional clients
  • Grow business by identifying and pursuing potential customers
  • Collaborate with diverse array of associates in order to meet client needs across multiple areas of expertise
  • Stay current on commercial and scientific trends by reading medical journals, attending conferences and seminars, and delivering lectures at university and post-graduate education centre.


Significant Achievements:

  • Secured business with 15 different companies in difficult economic environment.
  • Enhanced access to key decision-makers through professional networking.
  • Designed innovative templates for Target Product Profile and Clinical Development Plan
  • Defined set of criteria for evaluating new indications for pharmaceuticals.
  • Created expert process for assessing project portfolio at pharma/biotech companies.
  • Led workshops on clinical development of products for client companies and organised workshop on medical-use patents for pharmaceuticals.
  • Gained experience in diverse new therapeutic areas.


January - December 2008

Medical Director at biotech company Symphogen A/S

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Membership of Clinical Management and Leadership Forum
  • Strategic leadership with regard to Medical & Science activities
  • Medical expert; functions
  • Building and maintaining therapeutic area knowledge and clinical scientific expertise
  • Building, maintaining and managing contacts to external medical and clinical partners and consultants, such as investigators, scientific experts, co-development partners and CRO’s.
  • Driving strategic clinical development planning
  • Medical and clinical scientific responsibility for all relevant project related written documentation, regulatory communications and interactions,
  • Clinical trial design, analysis, interpretation, reporting and publication of trial results
  • Medical surveillance of clinical trial conduct, and data acquisition
  • Medical marketing support
  • Responsibility for product-related drug safety


June - December 2007

Senior Clinical Research Physician at aCROnordic A/S

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Scientific consulting for biotech- and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical writing
  • Drug Safety


2004 - 2007

Senior R&D Scientist at pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma A/S

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Medical Expert on clinical trials within Critical Care
  • Responsible for clinical development plans for a new drug
  • Chair of an international working group within haemostasis area
  • Member of a project executive group for marketed products
  • Member of an in-licensing task force
  • Medical Advisor support to clinical operations, regulatory and marketing functions


2000 - 2004

Head of Section/Senior Medical Advisor at LEO Pharma

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Recruitment of employees, appraisals and professional guidance
  • Leadership of an international working group of Medical Directors
  • Collaboration with marketing and regulatory
  • Building up an internal network of section leaders


1996 - 1999

Clinical Trial Manager at LEO Pharma

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Planning, execution and reporting of a major clinical trial within critical care
  • Acting as Medical Advisor within haemostasis area
  • Acting as Medical Writer


1985 – 1996

Registrar, Senior Registrar and Research Fellow at University Hospitals in Copenhagen

Major responsibilities and/or tasks:

  • Registrar at departments of internal medicine, neurology, neurophysiology, neurosurgery and psychiatry at Frederiksberg hospital and Rigshospitalet.
  • Research fellow at Rigshospitalet and Copenhagen City Heart Study. Performed analyses of risk factors for cerebrovascular disease based on a Danish population cohort of approximately 20.000 subjects and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Senior registrar at department of neurology, Hvidovre Hospital.