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Kristian Teglkamp, MD
Medical Marketing Adviser, Nycomed

I have had the privilege to work with Ewa Lindenstrøm, EL Medical Consulting, in the field of Breakthrough Cancer Pain.
Ewa Lindenstrøm was able to get extremely acquainted in the field of breakthrough pain and also understand the medicinal product itself in a very short period of time. With enthusiasm and high scientific analytical skills Ewa Lindenstrøm produced and delivered high quality materials in due time. Ewa Lindenstrøm was always eager to further develop ideas and had the surplus energy to involve in very good and interesting discussions surrounding the tasks

Christian Meyer, SVP
Symphogen A/S

Ewa Lindenstrøm worked as a consultant for Symphogen on a clinical development project within immune thrombocytopenia. Ewa Lindenstrøm is very professional and a strong capacity in methodological as well as clinical development issues. She was able to dig into the subject very quickly and thoroughly – and delivered on time with high quality. Her experience and understanding of the challenges and complexity of clinical science ensured that her input was highly valued and recognized.

Helene Kähler Hjenner, Project Leader
Neurosearch A/S

Ewa Lindenstrøm has worked as a consultant on one of the clinical development programs at NeuroSearch. She has been responsible for compiling and writing a clinical development plan and clinical study synopses for the program in question. Ewa has been truly dedicated to the tasks, and with her ability of combining medical knowledge with regulatory and marketing input, she has performed a high quality and timely job.